Rauma Vamsegarn


Vamsegarn 2 JakkeVamsegarn is a thick, light and loosely twined 100% wool yarn for knitting and crochet. It is very suitable for winter projects like beanies, vests, poncho's and long coats. 

Ideal for felting.

Vamsegarn is also known from the cheerful Arne and Carlos felted slippers series. 

But bigger projects too will be a joy to make with Vamsegarn.

Available in many fabulous colours.


Vamsegarn tas viltSpecs:

 100% Norwegian wool;

 Suitable for knitting and crochet;

 Needles 5 mm (US 8; UK 6) to 6,5 mm (US 10,5, UK 3);

 50 gr ball, length approx. 83 m;

 Hand wash;

 Very suitable for felting in the washing machine;

 Sustainable production in Norway.


How many balls do I need?

  • Arne & Carlos slippers: 4 - 6 balls (depending on size, with or without shaft);
  • Scarf: 4 - 6 balls;
  • Bag: 6-8 balls;
  • Simple women's jumper or vest size 4010-12 bollen.

Please note that some patterns, like cables, require more yarn than a standard stockinette or garter stitch. Also, crochet usually requires approx. 30% more yarn than knitting. Felting will shrink the project approx. 20%-30%.


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    10 balls Vamsegarn in colours of your choice
    10 balls Vamsegarn in colours of your choice
    € 55,00 € 37,50
  • Vamsegarn Shadecard
    Vamsegarn Shadecard
    € 5,00
  • Vamsegarn light brown V06
    Vamsegarn light brown V06
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn brown V55
    Vamsegarn brown V55
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark brown V10
    Vamsegarn dark brown V10
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn rust V42
    Vamsegarn rust V42
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn beige V63
    Vamsegarn beige V63
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn soft orange V46
    Vamsegarn soft orange V46
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn bright yellow V26
    Vamsegarn bright yellow V26
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn soft yellow V20
    Vamsegarn soft yellow V20
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn soft beige V05
    Vamsegarn soft beige V05
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn pastel pink V66
    Vamsegarn pastel pink V66
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dusky pink V60
    Vamsegarn dusky pink V60
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn soft mint green/blue V48
    Vamsegarn soft mint green/blue V48
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn baby blue V49
    Vamsegarn baby blue V49
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn pastel blue V50
    Vamsegarn pastel blue V50
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn blue V51
    Vamsegarn blue V51
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark marine blue V77
    Vamsegarn dark marine blue V77
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn orange V61
    Vamsegarn orange V61
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn bright red V24
    Vamsegarn bright red V24
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn red V23
    Vamsegarn red V23
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark red V35
    Vamsegarn dark red V35
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark purple V12
    Vamsegarn dark purple V12
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark purple V57
    Vamsegarn dark purple V57
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn purple V95
    Vamsegarn purple V95
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn lavender V96
    Vamsegarn lavender V96
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn lilac V71
    Vamsegarn lilac V71
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark dusky pink V65
    Vamsegarn dark dusky pink V65
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn bright pink V44
    Vamsegarn bright pink V44
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn green V80
    Vamsegarn green V80
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn soft light green V81
    Vamsegarn soft light green V81
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn green V89
    Vamsegarn green V89
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn moss green V87
    Vamsegarn moss green V87
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark moss green V86
    Vamsegarn dark moss green V86
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark green V34
    Vamsegarn dark green V34
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn petrol V88
    Vamsegarn petrol V88
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn dark green-blue V53
    Vamsegarn dark green-blue V53
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn blue-green V47
    Vamsegarn blue-green V47
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn light petrol V52
    Vamsegarn light petrol V52
    € 5,50
  • Vamsegarn soft turquoise V75
    Vamsegarn soft turquoise V75
    € 5,50
  • Rauma Pattern Booklet 247R
    Rauma Pattern Booklet 247R
    € 6,00
  • Arne en Carlos breien op hun sloffen
    Arne en Carlos breien op hun sloffen
    € 17,50
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