About our producers



Our products may be certified, like Fairtrade or GOTS, or they may not. We care more for the ethics and motivation of the producer than for the label.

Trust me...A certificate is nice, to be sure, but it’s no guarantee. Just look around you, our society is full of protocols and certificates. And they get violated all the time.

On a small scale, let's say, unclean eating houses which have sanitary certificates. And on a large scale, like banks messing everything up despite their Fitch ratings and their codes of conduct.

A certificate is no guarantee. They can claim unannounced checks, independent authorities, etc. as much as they like. It's just no guarantee. In some ways, a system of certification even encourages corruption and abuse.

This doesn’t mean that a certificate is useless. But you can't trust it blindly, either.

Trust and open eyes

from the heartWe prefer to work with people and organisations that we do trust. Because we know them and we know their ways of doing business. Because the ethics are their own, their choices are their own. Because they want to make a Fair product. We are not the only ones who think that things like human life, animal welfare and the environment are important. 

So we work with those who are of a like mind. If they have a certificate, that’s great. But openness and transparency are more important.

We do the best we can, but we are not perfect

We don't claim to be perfect, so we don't expect that from our producers. Perfection is impossible, anyway. But the only way to learn and to get better, is by acknowledging mistakes. And making mistakes is inevitable. Shocking, we know, our society would rather eliminate all uncertainties. But that's an illusion.

A mistake is not necessarily a bad thing. So long as there is openness and willingness to fix things, there is no problem. We can only try our best and learn from our mistakes. Because in this world of complex problems there is no ideal solution or quick-fix.

So we do the very best we can. And that way, together with others, we get better and better at Making the Fair Way.

  • From the Mountain
    From the Mountain


    A skein of this Afghan cashmere is not just a lovely thing to cuddle, or the yarn for the nicest cowl you'll ever own.

    It is a thread of connection to a community of women in Afghanistan. Here is their…

  • Kokon yarn
    Kokon yarn


    Kokon is a luxury hand dyed yarn brand exclusively brought by Scaapi's Kokon yarn. Scaapi strives to bring you unique, beautiful yarns that have been ethically produced with consideration and respect for fellow man and…

  • Nurturing Fibres
    Nurturing Fibres


    About 40 km north of Cape Town lies the Nurturing Fibres farm. Here, Carle Dehning and her team produce and dye all-natural yarns.They use solar power to heat the water for dyeing and only top up the temperature…

  • Rauma


    Cradle to Cradle production.

    Norway is proud of its sheep and wool!

    In Norway sheep graze on clean, fresh mountain pastures. The cold Scandinavian climate prevents unwanted bacteria, parasites and other impurities from…

  • Manos del Uruguay
    Manos del Uruguay


    Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit organisation and produces Fair Trade certified yarns. They're also working on getting a certification for animal welfare. The yarns are produced in South America.

    Manos del…

  • HiyaHiya


    HiYaHiYa is a family business Shanghai. HiYaHiYa was founded in 2004 by Qianer, her brother YaLin and father Mr. Wong. Through her love for knitting and designing, Qianer knows what the knitter needs. YaLin and Mr. Wong…

  • Brittany Needles
    Brittany Needles


    Brittany Needles sustainably produces birch wood knitting needles and crochet hooks. The birch wood is harvested from conciously managed forests in the USA.

    Wood is warm, smooth and soft. It won’t drain heat…

  • Freeset


    Freeset is a Fairtrade certified organisation in India. They offer dignified jobs to women and girls, as an alternative to the sex trade. Women are very vulnerable there and are easy prey for forced prostitution, due to…

  • BC Garn
    BC Garn


    BC Garn was founded by Bo Carstensen and her husband, in Denmark. By now the brand BC Garn has several GOTS certified ranges, and BC Garn is working to get the entire collection certified.

    The Global Organic Textile…

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