Senpai crochet pattern felted bag

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crochet pattern felted bag​


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Magick a square piece of crochet into a bag with the Japanese folding technique. Sounds complicated - but it's easy! 

Credits: the cheerful bag in the featuring example was crocheted and felted for Yarnz by Karen Roco.


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Folding the bag

Felting the bag



This project is suitable for beginners. You crochet a rectangular piece in the Linen stitch. Then you fold and felt it into a bag.

Crochet techniques for this project:

  • Chain stitches,
  • Double crochet stitches (US: single crochet),
  • Crocheting edges together.

The Linen stitch is a simple pattern of chain stitches and double crochet stitches. Check out the tutorial here. 


Required materials:



Because the bag is felted, it's not possible to state the exact finished size. That will differ each time. 

As a guideline: our own bag turned out to be approx. 35 cm wide, 20 cm high until the opening and 40 cm high in total (including the strap). 


About this project

The Linen stitch crochets up quick & smooth. It's always fun to work with several colours. And it's incredibly easy to make this Senpai bag, you only have to crochet a rectangle (I swear!).

After felting, you won't see much of the Linen stitch pattern anymore. We chose this stitch, because it hits the right spot between rigidity and suppleness after felting.

This pattern too allows for many variations and personal touches.

You can of course choose to make the whole bag in 1 colour, or to make different stripes, or to use more colours.

You can leave the two halves of the strap unattached. Then you can more easily reach the stuff inside the bag. Just tie a knot in the two ends to close the bag and take it with you.

You can also easily make the bag bigger or smaller. Make sure that the long side of the rectangle is approx. 3 times as long as the short side.

Another option is to not felt the bag at all. Then it will be much less firm. The stiffness will also depend on the crochet stitch you choose to use.

Do keep in mind that by felting the bag will shrink approx. 30%, and that is a lot! The more it felts, the smaller and the sturdier your bag will be. 



You make a rectangular piece which consists of 8 parts. Each part consists of 18 rows.

Work everything in the Linen stitch (1 double crochet, 1 chain).

Make a base chain of approx. 45 cm in colour 1.

  1. Part 1: work 2 rows in colour 1. Work 16 rows in colour 2.
  2. Part 2: work 4 rows in colour 1. Work 14 rows in colour 2.
  3. Part 3: work 6 rows in colour 1. Work 12 rows in colour 2.
  4. Part 4: work 8 rows in colour 1. Work 10 rows in colour 2.
  5. Part 5: work 10 rows in colour 1. Work 8 rows in colour 2.
  6. Part 6: work 12 rows in colour 1. Work 6 rows in colour 2.
  7. Part 7: work 14 rows in colour 1. Work 4 rows in colour 2.
  8. Part 8: work 16 rows in colour 1. Work 2 rows in colour 2.


Folding the bag

Put down the rectangle in front of you:


Fold the bottom left tip upwards: 


It then looks like this:


Fold the top right tip downwards:


It now looks like this:


Fold the top left tip downwards: 




Got it!


This is your bag!


Crochet or sew the edges on the front and back together. Crochet or sew the tips in the top together to make the strap.



Felting the bag

Now comes the most exciting part. How your felted item will be when it comes out of the washing machine will always be a surprise.

Put the bag in an old pillowcase or washing bag. (Do it - this is to protect your washing machine agains fluff.) Wash it in the machine with some detergent and together with some old towels or something.

I washed the bag on a 1,5 hour programme on 40° C.

The smaller the bag comes out of the machine and the less you see the separate stitches, the better the felting has succeeded and the sturdier your bag will be.


CONGRATULATIONS! Your Senpai bag is finished and ready to use!


Did you enjoy this? I sure hope you did! 

Are you happy? Then I'll dance a jig!

Do you have suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

Are you unhappy? I'll fix it!


I am very interested to hear your opinion regarding this project and the yarn. Your feedback helps us to improve!

Therefore I would very much appreciate it if you would share your experience in our online guestbook. Of course you can also share your thoughts via

I’d love to hear from you!





Michèle Tewes.

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